Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review of Tree House in a Storm, by Rachelle Burk

It's 1965 in New Orleans. Seven-year old Kenny and his six-year old sister Allison build a tree house in their back yard. The tree house becomes their fort and they become king and queen. In it they play without invasion from grownups; they enjoy the hot summers and sip limonade under the branches to escape the heat... nothing can lure them down, not even delicious peanut butter and sliced banana sandwiches.

All is fine until one terrible day when a monster attacks them: Hurricane Betsy. Together with their parents, Kenny and Allison must evacuate immediately. Kenny is afraid for his tree house, so before they go to the shelter, he gets his tools and puts some extra nails into the boards. Then they stay in the shelter until it's safe to go back home. However, nothing prepares the children to what they see when they get back home...

Years pass and the story moves to the present, where Kenny, now a grown man, builds another tree house, this time for his sons.

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