Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fifteen Years Old and Already Published

Let's give a warm welcome to young author Melissa Burmester! Melissa has been writing about vampires and the supernatural since the age of twelve. Her first novel, Ginger High, is Book I in a series of books about vampires and she's already working on the sequel. She is presently attending Westhampton Beach High School, and is planning a career as a writer and a teacher. For more information about Melissa, please visit her website and her blog.

Thanks for the interview, Melissa! Were you an avid reader as a child?

Yes, I always loved to read. My mother would read to me every night. Sometimes she would tell me ghost stories, and that was when I got hooked on reading horror, mystery and fantasy.

When did you first start writing stories?

When I was in middle school, I had so many wonderful ideas that I started a journal. There were so many characters that I had developed that I was able to write many short stories. I started my first novel Ginger High when I was twelve, and it was published when I was fourteen.

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