Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Interview about School Visits

Hi all,

I was recently interviewed by blogger/author Jessica Kennedy on the subject of school visits.

You may read the interview on her blog:

Doing school visits and presentations is somewhat new to me but I've shared all I've learned so far. I hope you find my tips helpful!

Happy holidays!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Crash is a columnist for Keep on Wagging Newsletter!

Crash the Puppy (my fictional, children's picture book character) is a columnist for Keep on Wagging, the new newsletter of Max the Golden Retriever, the super popular doggy blogger.

If you love dogs, especially golden retrievers, and would like to subscribe to Keep on Wagging, visit:
You will find Crash's column in each issue.

Max the Golden Retriever also has a shop with many gifts ideas for those golden retriever enthusiasts.

Crash is honored to be a columnist for the famous Max! Thank you, Max!
To learn more about Crash, visit the publisher's page at:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Time-for-Bed Angel, by Ronica Stromberg

The Time-for-Bed Angel
written by Ronica Stromberg
illustrated by Kristina Stephenson
Lion Hudson
ISBN: 978-0-7459-6073-9
Copyright 2008
Picture book, Hardback, 32 pages

The Time-for-Bed Angel is a sweet, cute children's book about a little naughty boy and the guardian angel who keeps a watch over him until it's time for bed.

Our little protagonist can't stay still as he goes about the house performing his mischevious antics. Of course, the time-for-bed angel follows him around, trying to persuade him to bed. The job of a guardian angel can be quite exhausting at times, especially when it comes to putting little boys to sleep!

The illustrations are fun, colorful and expressive, bringing the story to life. The story itself has very little text and is aimed at the youngest audience (2-6). The book has a calming tone, making this a very nice book to read at bedtime. It also evokes a feeling of love and security in children.

--by Mayra Calvani

This review originally appeared on Armchair Interviews

Saturday, December 6, 2008

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Mayra Calvani
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Review of Safely Through the Night, by Elena Pasquali

Safely Through the Night
written by Elena Pasquali
illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic
Lion Hudson Plc
July 2007
Hardcover, 32 pages

Safely Through the Night is an enchanting, magical bedtime story about a little girl following a starbeam through the night.

Not alone on this magical quest, her teddy bear Cinammon and her blankie, Hug, go with her.

Our tale begins as our little protagonist, Emily, sitting in bed and looking at the night sky, suddenly sees a shooting star. She snuggles with Cinammon and Hug, falls asleep... and the adventure begins: A starbeam knocks on her window, Emily reaches for it and begins to wind it up like wool. Through the night and the clouds they travel, through the trees and the dark woods, faster and faster... until, high up, Emily mets her angel.

Dreamlike, ethereal illustrations in soft pastel colors accompany this wonderful story that children will love to listen to again and again. The artwork--more specifically, the star and the starbeam--has glitter and texture, making the pages fun to touch. The mood is quiet yet uplifting, making this a perfect bedtime story.

Safely Through the Night would make a lovely holiday gift or be a worthy addition to any home or classroom library.
Reviewed by Mayra Calvani
This review originally appeared on Armchair Interviews.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing is an EPPIE 2009 Finalist!

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing is an EPPIE 2009 Finalist under the Non-Fiction Category!
Visit for reviews, excerpts, blurbs, and interviews with the authors.