Children's Book Week, Day 1: Release announcement: Water Play, Book I: The Water Cycle

Hello all,

Today is the first day of Children's Book Week and to kick-start it I'd like to announce the release of my children's nonfiction picture book, Water Play, Book I: The Water Cycle.

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The Water Cycle is the first in a series of four about the weather, published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

Academic Wings

Author: Mayra Calvani
Artist: Alex Morris
Print ISBN: 9781616332372; 1616332379
eBook ISBN: 9781616332389; 1616332387 
Follow the water droplets in their journey from the clouds to the earth and back to the clouds again. Written in a lyrical style, the book takes a new angle on the water cycle by showing the feelings it evokes in people.

Review by Carol Frazer Hagen, reading specialist and special education teacher:

"Teaching the water cycle, most often referred to as the hydrologic cycle in classroom science lessons, is the topic of Mayra Calvani’s latest book The Water Cycle: Water Play Series 1.

 "Teaching students about the Earth’s atmosphere and its role in providing water to our planet is included in every Earth Science curriculum. Fortunately, both teachers and parents now have a wonderful resource to help them teach this aspect of science. Elementary, as well as middle school teachers will welcome this creatively written book, which introduces students to the continuous cycle of rain, water vapor and cloud formation.

 "Written in Calvani’s delightful prose, “Huddle inside the CLOUD high up in the sky, the water droplets are excited,” While also complemented by the imaginative artwork of Alexander Morris’ fun illustrations, makes this book both easy to read and informative. The author also includes for her young readers a word search and glossary learning activity—a great addition to every teacher and homeschool parents’ teaching library."


The Water Cycle: Water Play Series Book I is now available from Guardian Angel Publishing and Amazon.

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Gimme The Scoop said…
I think this is neat! It mixes fun with learning an looks to be especially helpful for younger kids whose attention span is short. I love the picture of the cloud holding the rain in!
Mayra Calvani said…
Thank you, Jennifer! So glad you stopped by. Have a great day and god luck with the contest! :-)

Donna McDine said…
Hi Mayra,

Wonderful review of your latest children's book! Certainly an exciting series!

Best regards,
Magdalena Ball said…
What a terrific sounding book - the water cycle is cool in and of itself and a book which teaches it in such a fun poetic way is mega-cool.
Karin Larson said…
What a fun way to teach, Mayra!

Looks like educational fun for kids, Mayra. Congratulations.

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I bet kids would love this book and not even realize they are learning. Well done, Mayra.
Connie Arnold said…
Congratulations on the new book, Mayra! That's a great review and a wonderful way to help kids learn.
Sharon Stanley said…
Congratulations Mayra! This looks like a really fun book...I love reading about the weather and I'm sure kids will love it tool. Hope all is well with you.
Unknown said…
This is such a lovely book and will be a great, and important, series. Making science fun is crucial, particularly today.

Well done!
Pam said…
This book would be a great addition to any science learning area. Early ed teachers are always doing experiments on the water cycle and I have yet to see a quality book that could lend itself to accompany the activity. That is until now! This book sounds amazing! I am so interested in it! Way to Go!
Margo Dill said…
This is going to be the perfect book for so many elementary classrooms. I wish I would have had it when I taught 3rd grade.
Nicole weaver said…
Hi Mayra,

Your new book sounds awesome. I would love to review it.

Nicole Weaver
Trilingual Children's Author
T. Forehand said…
This book sounds like a great addition to the classroom.Science is a subject that can be difficult to teach and any great book that keeps a reader interested is wonderful.
This looks like a cook book! Congrats!

Donna L Martin
Carole Di Tosti said…
Any book that promotes learning for kids is a two thumbs up for me. Thanks for sharing.
Cheryl said…
Popping in to congratulate you on your new book. I have my PDF copy and am eager to read it.

All my best,

Congratulations! i didn't realize GAP did books that were educational. I guess I need to look at their catalog.
BarbaraB said…
I think teachers especially will be glad to have a fun book for teaching this aspect of science and kids will have fun with it.
Debbie A Byrne said…
Love the name of your blog!