Teacher's resource: "Yes! You Can Teach K-12 English language learners Successfully"

When it comes to teaching English language learners successfully, teachers express frustrations with classroom management, finding the right materials, differentiating lessons and time management for purposes of lesson planning and other administrative responsibilities.

As a teacher of ELLs, author Dorit Sasson knows how challenging it is to keep the learning continuum at a high and discipline problems at a low. But still how is this all possible if students can’t read and understand the lesson? Or how is possible to meet each student’s needs when they are not catching up with their native English speaking peers? Just how is it possible to correctly assess students’ needs so that lessons match their learning styles and needs?

Sasson's work begins with the 97 tips you’ll find in her electronic booklet or ebooklet, “Yes! You Can Teach K-12 English language learners Successfully” on how to teach ELLs more effectively. Here, you’ll find bite-sized tips for a bite-sized price on differentiated instruction, teaching vocabulary, improving reading comprehension and lessons and oral instruction among others.

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You make some good points above.
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