Featured book: Where Are Your Glasses? by Rhonda Fischer

About the book: Randy Kazandy! Where Are Your Glasses? is a sweet story set to rhyming verse that would make a wonderful gift for a child who is about to visit the eye doctor for the first time, or just getting a first pair of glasses. The storyline, though simple and easy to understand, holds a profound, positive message for children. The illustrations are colorful and extremely pleasing to the eye – they make the story come to life.

For many children, getting the news that “you need glasses” can be traumatizing. But adorable Randy Kazandy reminds kids (and parents) that putting on your first pair of specs is not only an adventure, it opens up a whole new world. Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully told, this book is a must-read for any child—bespectacled or not.

Jennifer Cho Salaff - Editor, Parenting OC Magazine

Visit: http://www.randykazandy.com/index.html

Watch the Video HERE.


Donna McDine said…
Wonderful review. Sounds like a terrific book. Keep em coming!
Linda Asato said…
Beautiful cover too. I love the whole idea of the book.