On the Spotlight: Children's Author Bonnie Cuzzolino

About the Author...

Award winning author Bonnie Cuzzolino and her family live in New Jersey. Bonnie and her husband Ray are the parents to a beautiful daughter adopted from Hubei, China in November of 2001 at 12 months old. She and her husband are now waiting for a referral for their second daughter from China through Holt International Children's Services. Bonnie has had a lifelong passion to write children's books.

This book is her first and is dedicated to her daughter, Jillian Mei. "I believe that we are given the gift from God to love. For some people there are circumstances in their lives that interfere with this ability. Our daughter's birth mom chose to leave her in a place that she could be found quickly and cared for,in a bamboo basket, wrapped warmly in blankets with a note of her birthdate and a small amount of money. A decision that many of China's birth moms who relinquish their children make."

About the Book...

"Letter of Love From China is a children's story book that reflects part of my own daughter's story as to her finding place and knowledge of her actual birthdate. It is written to reflect one scenario of how a letter might read from a birth mom based on my belief that my daughter was loved and is still in her birth families hearts. The book is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors. My book is for those families who also believe that their child's birth mom's acts showed that their child was loved. The story is based on a Chinese birth mom who writes her daughter a letter explaining her love for her, reasons for her relinguishment, describes the beauty of scenic China and the Holidays, prays for, meaning hoping for but not certain of, her daughter's adoption by a family from a foreign land and ends by using the moon as a mirror to envision each other's faces in times of thinking of one another," says the author.
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Visit the author's website to learn more about the author and/or purchase the book: http://www.plumblossombooks.com/index.html
Note: A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Holt International Children's Services, Foster Care Program, in Eugene, Oregon.


Cheryl said…
I've read this book and it is absolutely wonderful. The story is lovely and the illustrations are beautiful.

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