Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book Review: Letter of Love from China, by Bonnie Cuzzolino

What happens to those Chinese children whose families must give them away because of poverty and the chance of a better life? What happens when they're adopted by Westerners and taken away from their birth mothers? What happens to the birth mothers, for that matter?

Letter of Love from China is just that, a loving letter from a Chinese mother to her beloved child living in America with her new family; a child she loves more than anything in the world yet was compelled to relinquish as an act of deep and total love.

This book is one of those little gems one doesn't encounter often. It is a touching book that will bring tears to your eyes, sad yet beautiful and uplifting. The language is softly lyrical and the evoking illustrations a splash of magical color across the pages.

Letter of Love from China is the 2008 Mom's Choice Award Silver Recipient in the Family Life Children's Category, and Winner Of The 2007 Power Of The Pen Award For Best Children's Book.

To learn more about this book and purchase a copy, visit the author's website.


Cheryl said...

I've also read this book and it actually made me cry. It is such a touching story and the pictures are simply beautiful.

Good luck with your tour Bonnie.


Mayra Calvani said...

Thanks for your comment, Cheryl. It made me cry too! :-)

Jean Hackensmith said...

Hi, Bonnie: I think this is one I'm going to have to buy! Always like to have books around when my grandkids visit...even if it will probably make me cry, too! I'm on tour this month, also, with my romantic thriller, "Checkmate." I'm sure we'll be "talking" again soon!

Jean Hackensmith

Dorothy Thompson said...

Have you guys checked out her website? That little girl singing will make you cry enough! Great review, Mayra, and thank you! Bonnie should be over here shortly. Love your blog, btw!

Plum Blossom Books said...

Thank You
Mayra, Cheryl and Jean,
I am so pleased with such a touching review.
Mayra, your blog site is terrific!

Our book was a true labor of
love. Tears are part of the healing process for the children
and parents so that's good.

Please visit my website to see my daughter, the love of my life!

Jean, I love romantic thrillers so
I will be visiting your tour too.


Karen Harrington said...


I'm looking forward to checking out your book. As a mom, the concept of your story is pulling at my heartstrings. :) This is especially intriguing considering we will all be learning so much about China due to the upcoming Olympic Games.


Karen Harrington

Bonnie Cuzzolino said...

Hi Karen,
Thank You.

China is very proud to
be hosting the summer Olympics.
The country is one of mystical
beauty and an economy on the rise
yet still tremendous poverty.

It is a country of 5,000 year old
traditions very different from the West.

Best Wishes,

Mayra Calvani said...

Thank you all for your comments and for your nice words about my blog.

Bonnie, it was a pleasure to review your book. It does bring tears to your eyes, but uplifting tears of happiness!

I'll be happy to post my review on various sites.

Bonnie Cuzzolino said...

Thank You Mayra for the


Nicole, Sam, Lance, Justin said...

My husband and I are in the early stages of adopting a daughter from China, and when we learned about this book, we ran out and bought it. I read it often and cry - out of love for all the adopted Chinese babies that were put up for adoption by their amazing families. Also, although I'm a well-adjusted Korean adoptee, reading this book gets me crying for my own birth family. Everything about it is beautiful! Thank you! Nicole in MA

Bonnie Cuzzolino said...

Thank You Nicole.
I am so happy to hear the book
touched your family.
I have a 3 year old nephew adopted from Seoul, Korea.
He is a very handsome little guy!
Bonnie Cuzzolino