Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tradebook Tips from Andrea Buginsky, Author of 'Destiny' (Book I in her New Avalon YA Fantasy Series)

Today I’m hosting Day 4 of a 5-day virtual tour, sponsored by the National Writing for Children Center, for Andrea Buginsky’s new book, Destiny.

About Andrea Buginsky

Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer and author. “The Chosen,” a middle-grade fantasy novelette, was her first book, and was followed by “My Open Heart,” an autobiography about growing up with heart disease. “Nature’s Unbalance” is the second story in THE CHOSEN series. Andrea is currently working on NEW AVALON, a YA fantasy series. Book 1, Destiny, is available on Amazon.

Tradebook Tips from Author Andrea Buginsky

My books are aimed for young teens in middle school and those entering high school. Each of my books has the same theme to them: Reach for the Stars and Make Your Dreams Come True. I write about characters who don’t come across as the hero, but over time, find their inner hero. These characters usually start off not thinking of themselves as hero material, and being shocked to hear about their destinies, but over time, they conquer their own fears, and prove to themselves, and those around them, that they are the hero they’re meant to be.

I believe my books would be wonderful for teachers to use to teach their students how to overcome their own fears, and find their inner hero. I think when the kids read my books, they see themselves: a scared young person trying to make it their world, and find himself. Someone searching for something, even if he has yet to figure out what. It is my hope that reading my books will help him focus and figure it out.

My theme about reaching for the stars also comes across in my books. If my characters didn’t reach far and wide to reach their stars, they wouldn’t see their own dreams come true. Older children, who are faced with life challenges they never had to face before, face similar experiences. What are their dreams? How do they make them come true?

Teachers can use my books to help their students start to determine what their dreams are, and what steps they can take to reach them. They can use my books to help show their students that the unsure feelings they have about themselves are normal.

My biggest wish is that my readers will get out of my books exactly what I put into them. I would be thrilled to know that the wonderful teachers out there are using my books to help their students do just that.

About the Book

Constantly teased and taunted by the popular girls, Elena Baxter desperately wants to fit in. On her sweet sixteenth, she receives two shocking gifts: telekinesis and the surprising truth about her heritage. With high hopes that things will be different now, Elena returns to school to find that nothing has changed. Only this time her hurt feelings and frustration boil into something even she cannot understand. When her powers explode, chaos ensues and she learns that her new ability is greater than she ever desired. As she learns to control her powers, Elena discovers there’s so much more to her heritage than she ever imagined.

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Andrea Buginsky said...

Thank you for hosting me on my tour :)

Rosi said...

Sounds like a fascinating read. I think this will do really well with teens. Thanks for the info.