Thursday, May 31, 2007

THE DOLL VIOLINIST is a finalist!

Please let me share with you this exciting news...

My yet-to-be published picture book, THE DOLL VIOLINIST, just made it to the finals at the ABC's Children's Picture Book Competition!

I was just notified yesterday and I'm really thrilled. If anything, it is a great validation for all the hours I spend at the computer. Just to be chosen as a finalist is an honor for me. The link to the competition is, if you would like to find out more about it.

This is the third year this competition takes place. The winner will be anounced in October and will receive a royalty-paying publishing contract plus 1,000 copies of the printed book (in hardcover) to do with as the author chooses.

The artist working on the illustrations is the very talented Amy Moreno. Check out her website to see her marvelous work, A musician as well as an artist, she has truly captured the essence and feel of the story. Amy also moderates a yahoo group for Latino/Hispanic children's writers & illustrators. Check it out at

Okay, enough bragging. I'm off to fix myself some breakfast...


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Judy said...

Congratulations! That MUST be thrilling!