Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Could You, Should You Self-Publish a Children’s Book?

Could You, Should You Self-Publish a Children’s Book?
by Anne Emerick
Aboon Books
ISBN: 0-9754649-0-6
Copyright 2004
Ebook, 68 pages, $15.95

Have you ever felt the desire to publish your own children’s book? Have you ever considered starting your own children’s book publishing company? If you’ve answered Yes to these two questions, but have always been daunted or afraid by the prospect, then this book is for you.

Anne Emerick, founder of her own children’s book publishing company, Aboon Books, takes the myth out of the process. In her practical, informative step-by-step method, she takes you through the whole self-publishing process from start to finish, and makes it utterly interesting along the way.

Emerick breaks the self-publishing process in four stages: planning, getting the story illustrated, getting the book printed, getting the book into the hands of readers and a return on your investment.

Within these main topics, you’ll find the following subjects: what first to do to become a publisher, filing a DBS or an LLC, getting ISBN and library card catalogue numbers, expenses, illustrating and book designing, the different printers and what to keep in mind when choosing one, how to price your book and keep that price competitive, professional associations and fees, promotion and marketing, how to plan your budget, how to find a distributor, selling to libraries and bookstores and much, much more.

The author uses illustrations to better demonstrate what she’s talking about. There’s also a section of success stories where other people share their experiences and ideas.

The fact that the book is in electronic format is convenient and time-saving, since it is filled with lots of helpful links you can readily check at the click of a mouse.

This book really clarifies in simple language what it takes to open your own children’s book publishing company. Highly recommended.

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