Friday, May 4, 2007

Do you love wolves? Consider adopting one!

Dear Readers,

Let me share the latest news... I adopted a wolf pup! Her name is Chito and she's just a few weeks old. Isn't she adorable?

Does that mean the wolf is at home with me? Of course not! LOL. It just means I send an annual donation so that people who are qualified may care for her and she has all she needs to grow happy and healthy in the company of her pack members.

I stumbled upon the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve while doing research for one of my forthcoming novels, EYE OF THE WOLF. If you're a wolf lover, this is the perfect site to hang around. It's filled with informative articles, an active forum, and wolf merchandise, among many other things. The link is

So far the forum members have been wonderfully helpful in answering my questions. I have always been fascinated with these magestic, mysterious creatures and really believe we should do all we can to protect them and help their species survive. I hope to bring this message across with my book.



J. C. Hall said...

She's adorable! Good thing you're not taking her home, otherwise your labrador will get jealous!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but these are not wolves. They are wolf crosses. The owner states there is Proof they are pure yet have never had official dna tests done. DNR were called in their state to ask about their PROOF, DNR have NEVER done DNA tests on their animals (Which would prove they are not pure) Wolf pups are NOT born the time of year these pups were born at ****EVER****. Wolf pups are ***NEVER*** born with white booties/socks like some of these pups were born with nor are they EVER born with white stars on their forheads like this pup, their ears are ALWAYS up BY three weeks, not four or five. These are just a few things that tell me as someone who has worked with PURE wolves for over ten years that WHAP does NOT have pure wolves. But hey feel free to contact wolf parks monty sloan at to ask his opinion I am sure he will concur.