A day in the life of Iliana Metallinou, writer and artist

A typical week day starts at around 8:00 a.m. when the sun rays fall on my face and the birds’ singing from the trees just off my balcony act as a natural alarm clock. I am usually a very active sort of person, but I hate organizing all my days in advance. I never drink coffee in the morning, though on some cold days I have a cup of tea with milk; a bowl of Quaker oats with honey and banana slices is filling and sweet; and a good start for a productive day!

I turn on my computer after preparing lunch, and while it is being cooked I write an article or two; on my unlucky days though, I just have to cook a second meal because the first one has got burnt! Phone calls are a great distraction during the day, especially when some relatives enjoy a lengthy and juicy conversation! I avoid daily shopping as I won’t get everything done in time. But I enjoy roaming around the town and talking to friends every other day, taking pictures for my blog or doing interviews with local people for Coffee Time paper. Every outing seems to be a small adventure for me.

When the weather permits, I start the day painting in my balcony, and I do some typing after 11a.m. I enjoy doing different tasks as it adds variety to my day schedule. Housework has to be done in between writing and painting-so I have one or two breaks dedicated to family chores. Afternoons are more relaxing. In winter I never have a siesta; I teach some young pupils for 2-3 hours and then I return to my computer to complete the work that I have started earlier in the day. Painting has to wait till the weekend when I have more free time. I spend the evenings computer-free with family members. I love watching my favorite series or a film on TV, and I never go to bed before midnight! On hot summer days I stay up later than usual, but I have a relaxing siesta during the day that keeps me refreshed. Summer evenings are mainly spent outside, at Garitsa bay, where people stroll and chat. That is a great meeting point for friends and tourists alike and a source of inspiration as well!

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About her book:

The White Snail includes an exciting story and educational material appropriate for young readers. It is the first of a series of books that aims to encourage children to read stories while, at the same time learn about nature. At the end of each book there are educational activities.

The White Snail’s basic theme is self-esteem that develops from early childhood. The hero of this story believes that he is not equal to the other snails just because he is different. This story is about the differences among people or peoples generally. It caters not only to young kids but also to adults, parents and teachers.

This series also aims to highlight some of the small miracles of nature, that we usually take for granted. The White Snail encourages the reader to notice snails closely and learn some facts about them via the educational activity at the end of the book.


This book can be read both in Greek and English. Thus, it caters to Foreign Language education as well as to readers all over the world.

Author and illustrator, Iliana Metallinou, holds a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, is an artist, a book reviewer, former Language School owner, and nature lover. http://lianastories.blogspot.com

Available at Vasilis Savvanis Publications, Corfu, Greece,
www.aggelia-online.gr, local bookstores and kiosks.

The White Snail
ISBN: 978-960-98648-0-0
Paperback, 32 pages, 16x16 cm
5.50 euros


Donna M. McDine said…
Absolutely lovely and insightful! I enjoyed learning about Liana. Thanks for sharing.

Children’s Author
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Nancy Famolari said…
I loved hearing about Liana's day. It sounds like a very special way to live.
kathy stemke said…
Now that sounds like a creative artsy person's day. I loved it. Good luck with your book Lianna.
Mayra Calvani said…
Thanks for your comments, Ladies!
Liana said…
Thanks for your great post! You've done good work!

Donna, Nancy and Kathy,
thank you for reading this post. My book has started selling locally-slowly-but I would like to get it out of Corfu, to other parts of Greece. This is the difficult part-the distributors I contacted so far are not interested...
Vivian Zabel said…
Distributors are sometimes difficult to work with, but we need them, I guess.

May things work for you, Liana.
Liana, it is so nece to get to know you better. A really nice blog entry.
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Liana said…
Vivian, this is the hardest part-I can only sell the book locally at the moment. I can not even get it to e shops without a distributor.
Liana said…
Thank you Carolyn-I am now busy with my paintings-I must have at least 30 pieces to have an exhibition. And I would really like to have one before Xmas!