Interview with Patti Ogden, author of Keoni's Big Question

Patti Ogden had a love for writing ever since a high school writing class unleashed the creativity within her. Even then, she had dreams of her work being published after she and a friend complied a journal of their best poetry and short stories, named it “Soul Grazing” and the two set out to find a publisher. Well, that never happened, but now as a grandmother of five, she has returned to her love of writing and produced a new Christian children’s fiction picture book with two more due out this year.

Patti Ogden’s multi-faceted career in business management began with a background in journalism. As an active Sunday school teacher, she enjoys interacting with children and inspiring them to work on their own personal walk with God. She and her husband of 35 years, Jeff, live on an 11 acre hobby farm in Northern Illinois.

Tell us about your recent release. What was your inspiration for it?

Keoni’s Big Question is about a young boy who seeks answers about God's presence in everyday life. This is a gripping and touching tale of the friendship between a young boy and a kind old gentleman who is a family friend and a grandfather figure to Keoni. The setting is a fishing trip that suddenly turns dangerous, then miraculous and ends up leaving Keoni with more answers than he dreamed possible.

I was inspired to write this story after hearing a story told by William Branham about a little “lad” who was very curious and no one seemed to be able to answer his questions that he had about God. The book incorporates the link between the Creator and His creation, how we can see God in nature and it helps children learn how they can communicate with God on their own in times of trouble.

Tell us about your children’s books.

My children’s books are unique because they hold very high gospel standards, boldly approaching very serious and complicated Biblical subjects, yet all the while presented at a level the children can embrace and understand. This was a big challenge to take on! There are many Christian children’s books on the market today that use cartoons and silly characters that give them the wrong impression. If they are told that their favorite cartoon character is not real, how can they believe that Jesus is real?

My experiences as a mother, grandmother and a Sunday school teacher helped me write creatively enough to peak the children’s interest, add drama, a splash of excitement and before you know it the kids comprehend why it is important to possess virtues of Godly faith, love, character and courage through real human role models.

Some writers go on long walks, others keep a journal, write at a café, or listen to music. What do you do for inspiration and unleashing your creativity?

All of the above! Long walks surrounded by the beauty of nature and listening to relaxing instrumental music is the biggest thing that helps me. Many new and fresh ideas pop into my head during these meditational alone times.

What are you working on now?

We are doing the design and layout of my next book, Shamgar and the Ox Goad. This is a story of great courage and Godly faith that will appeal to boys. It is the little known story of Shamgar, who was only mentioned twice in the Bible, yet greatly used of God. This book we hope will be printed very soon.

The third book appeals to girls. Momma, Am I Pretty? is a story about a young girl who deals with her first experience of religious persecution and how the wisdom of her mother helps her through it. This book is now being illustrated by professional illustrator and designer, Robert Sauber.

Do you have a website/blog where readers may learn more about you and your works?

Yes. Readers can visit us at

Where are your books available?

Ask for Keoni’s Big Question at your local bookstore

What’s your favorite children’s book of all time?

Guess How Much I Love You? I love that book. It’s a warm-feel fuzzy good-can read it a billion times and still love it book!!


Tracee said…
"Guess How Much I Love You" is my oldest daughters favorite book - we still read it every night!
Cheryl said…
Excellent interview ladies. Thanks for being a gracious host again Mayra.

Patti, I can't wait to see the next two books in this series. Having read "Keoni's Big Question" I'll want to read the next ones too. Keep me posted.

Patti B. Ogden said…
I appreciate you hosting my interview. I think you and I have a lot in common! I admire your mission to help the animals and I share your love for dogs as well. I enjoyed your book trailers very much. Keoni's Big Question will have its own book trailer coming out in May. I am very excited to see what the producers come up with.
I would like to greet your readers and invite them to stop by our website at to learn more about our books.

Best Wishes,
Patti B. Ogden
Mayra Calvani said…
Dear Patti,
Thanks so much for choosing me as one of your hosts. I'm so glad you're also an animal lover. Good luck with your book! It sounds like a wonderful story for kids. I wish you fun and success doing the rest of the tour.