Monday, August 18, 2008

Review of Janoose the Goose, by J.D. Holiday

Janoose the Goose
by J.D. Holiday
Book Garden Publishing
Copyright 2008
ISBN: 978-0981861401
Children's Picture Book
11"x 8 1/2" paperback, 24 pages, $10.00
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In the farm, all is well until the naughty fox decides to stop for a little visit... well, a little visit that translates into bullying and terrorizing the little innocent ducklings. Luckily, Janoose the Goose is there to defend the duckling and chase the fox away. Impressed by the goose's bravery, the other farm animals decide it would be great if Janoose could stay at the farm and keep order, but Janoose is supposed to fly away soon, and besides, there are no jobs available for her at the farm. But if Janoose leaves, who will defend the other animals against the fox? Will Janoose be able to stay, after all?

Janoose the Goose is a cute, engaging story that will be enjoyed by young children ages 3 to 8. My daughter, though she's old for the book, read it with interest and loved the illustrations. The artwork, done also by the author, fits the story well. The illustrations, though simple, are colorful and attractive and have a traditional style that I've always enjoyed in children's books. Janoose the Goose is a worthy addition to a any kid's or classroom shelf.

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Lindsay said...

That sounds like a really cute story. I know I always loved any story about animals as a kid. I wish more of my friends had kids so I would have an excuse to buy all these books.