Thursday, July 3, 2008

Book Review: Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair, by Mary Jean Kelso

Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair

Mary Jean Kelso

illustrator K.C.

copyright May 2008

ISBN 978-1-935137-03-I

llustrated paperback, 24 pages, $10.95

K thru 5th grade

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In this the 2nd picture book in the "Andy and Spirit" series, Andy is excited about taking part in a horse riding competition at the local fair. But he's nervous. Not only because of his disability, but also because Spirit, just like him, is somewhat different and often attracts the attention of bullies. However, Andy is set on doing well--he loves Spirit, and won't let him down for the world.

Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair is the sweet story of a boy and a horse, their bond and loyalty to one another, and the challenges they must face because of being 'different'. K.C. Snider's colorful yet earthy illustrations bring the spirit of the West to life and children will particularly love the beautiful, majestic pictures of the horses. An inspiring tale about overcoming obstacles, this book carries an universal message that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
--Mayra Calvani

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