Latest review of CRASH!

**** Story

**** Illustrations

Giving a child the right to name his pet

Review by Douglas Quinn, Author of Blue Heron Marsh, etal

and Donna Higgins Colson, Professional Artist

With rights come responsibilities. Conversely, with responsibilities come rights. Crash! is a story that shows a child that if he or she is going to take on the responsibility of a new puppy, then he or she should have the right to name the pet. Fortunately, the parents respect this right and, while offering suggestions, allow the child to feel his way through the naming process on his own. Ultimately, by observing the new puppy, the child comes up with the perfect name that suits his new pal.

The illustrations are delightful. The red and green cover works well with eye-catching primary colors throughout the book. Composition and use of space are skillfully cropped and the space is nicely broken up with diagonals, creating motion with enough details to generate interest. The boy and the dog are well drawn in appropriate proportions for the target audience and support the story line. We were impressed how skillfully the illustrations were done by this young artist.

We enjoyed Crash! and recommend it for the targeted 3 to 6 read-to age range.