Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Author Dorit Sasson

Today, I’m hosting Day 3 of a 5-day virtual tour sponsored by the Working Writer's Club, for Dorit Sasson’s two new books:
Speaking and Writing for English Language Learners: Collaborative Teaching for Greater Success with K-6
Reading and Listening for English Language Learners: Collaborative Teaching for Greater Success for K-6.
Dorit offers Some Tradebook Tips for Teachers
Because these two books were written for teachers of K-6 English Language Learners, naturally, they are jam-packed with lesson planning templates on how to collaborate with a general education teacher in addition to checklists, charts, discussion questions, weblinks and templates – everything a busy newbie and veteran teacher needs to start the school year off right!
Here are two main ways teachers can use this book, and note that some of the categories can also overlap:
Option #1 – With the collaboration piece in mind:
There are resources that solely focus on the partnership between teachers and administrators without the focus on the skill sets and resources that have the skill set embedded. (see below.) Teachers who want to enhance their collaboration may also want to start off with some of the informal discussion questions as a way to jumpstart the topic. 
Option #2 – With the targeted skill sets in mind:
ESL or general education teachers who know for example, that their K-6 English learners are struggling with specific areas of reading from the beginning of the year, may want to use some of the diagnostic pages to assess their areas of weakness. They also may want to zoom into read-alouds as a supplemental way to deliberately teach targeted vocabulary.
Since listening is not a deliberately taught skill, teachers may want to brush up on a few ways to teach dictations as a way to augment their listening vocabulary and reading skills.
Because every checklist, lesson plan template and chart was designed with both the collaborative and skill sets in mind, teachers can use each of these resources to track their progress using a specific skill or sub-skill and/or use the resources as a way to discuss how to improve the way they approach teaching that skill.

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Karen Cioffi said...

Dorit, these are such useful tradebook tips for teachers. I'm sure they'll appreciate them. Best wishes for a successful tour!

Angela Joseph said...

All the best with your tour, Dorit!

Dorit Sasson said...

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!