Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review of Harvey the Hungry Dog, by Lise Dominique

Harvey the Hungry Dog
(from The Adventures of Harvey the Wonder Dog)
by Lise Dominique
Illustrations by Chrissie Vales
State Street Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9760216-7-4
Children's book, iPad app
Website: Harvey the Wonder Dog

This delightful children's book tells the story of an adorable Labrador named Harvey. From the time he is a cuddly puppy, to his adventures throughout winter, spring, summer and fall, to his friendship with his best dog friend Karma, Harvey is a doggy who takes food VERY SERIOUSLY! However, there's one thing that Harvey hungers more than anything in the world: love.

I had the opportunity to review the iPad application and I have to say that it was a throughly enjoyable experience. With just a tap of my finger, the pages open fluidly and smoothly, giving the impression that I have a real book in my hands. The tale is written in an old-fashioned style, with mostly narrative and very little dialogue. The prose has a quiet tone, making this a perfect little book to read to a young child at bedtime. I'm one of those people who believe there can never be too many dog books. I found the illustrations charming with their simple style and soft pastel colors. Harvey will steal the hearts of young and adults alike and I look forward to his next adventure.

And just in case you're wondering... yes, Harvey is based on a real dog named--you guessed it--Harvey!

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Ellen said...

It sounds absolutely adorable. What a precious dog. Thanks for sharing!

Morgan Mandel said...

How cute!
If the inside looks as good as the cover, children will love it!

And the real Harvey is just as cute!

Morgan Mandel

Michelle V said...

Awww. It looks wonderful! I love it!

Cheryl said...

iPad, huh? I am officially jealous. That's my next big purchase.

This sound like a fun book. The cover art is wonderful.


Nicole weaver said...

Hi Mayra,

I too, adore dogs and love reading books about dogs. Thanks for sharing the review.

Nicole Weaver
http://marieandherfriendthe seaturtle.blogspot.com

terri.forehand said...

Love labs, and the story sounds so cute. Thanks for sharing, I will have to grab a copy.


Turning the Clock Back said...

I am a big fan of dog books myself! Thanks for reviewing this. I wish I had an ipad!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be a fun book to read. I like the cover. Enjoyed your review!

April said...

This looks so adorable and fun! My kids would love it!