Thursday, September 9, 2010

Latest news!

I'm happy to announce that an activity I submitted to Gryphon House’s Learn Every Day series two months ago has been selected by the editors to be included in the series!

You can find out about Gryphon House here.

On another note, my latest book, How to Turn Your Book Club Into a Spectacular Event, is now available on Amazon.

Here's what reviewers are saying...

"How to Turn Your Book Club into a Spectacular Event, by Mayra Calvani, speaks directly to kids who love to read and who want to share their favorite books with friends." --The Story of a Writer

"How fun would it be to put together your very own book club? You see and hear about book clubs all the time. Why not make your own?

"HOW TO TURN YOUR BOOK CLUB INTO A SPECTACULAR EVENT is packed with great ideas on making this happen. From ideas of what to call your book club to brainstorming questions to ask, this is a must have book if you're serious about having a successful club." --YABooks Central

"From beginning to end, How to Turn Your Book Club Into a Spectacular Event is a great guide for those children who want to take the initiative and create a book club. It provides all the information needed, and even a breakdown of book genres, along with examples of books. And, it ends with a list of popular authors who write for young readers, including the title of one of their books.

"Any book that helps guide children on the reading path, and encourages them to read is a book that should be recommended. How to Turn Your Book Club Into a Spectacular Event is one such book." --Writing for Children and More

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N. R. Williams said...

Congratulations and a wonderful review.