Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review of Katie Didn't, by Colleen L. Reece

Katy Witherspoon lives happily with her family in a little farm. She loves to listen to the katydids--large green grasshoppers that sing a song that sounds like "katy did, kady did." Katy wonders if the insects will ever tell what katy did, but of course they don't, they just keep singing their song. Katy shares the farm's playing grounds with her six siblings. They all love playing around the farm... all except Katy, who nevers seems happy, no matter what she does... that is, until one awful night, she discovers the meaning of the Golden Rule.

Children will fully enjoy this sweet tale about a little girl who discovers, all by herself, the secret to friendship and companionship. The colorful illustrations by Oregon artist K.C. Snider harmonize perfectly with the story, making this a book that kids will want to enjoy more than once.

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