My review of, a dog blog

Hi all,

For the past year I've been reading a particular dog blog called The blog is kept by dog lover/trainer Lindsay Stordahl and has countless articles on dog care, breeding, nutrition, health, etc.

You may read about it on Suite101, where I recently wrote an article:

If you're a dog owner, I seriously advise you to consider subscribing to this blog. It's full of practical, helpful information about dogs.


PS: The doggy in the picture is my pride and joy, Amigo. He tried to look 'cool' for the photo :-)


L. Diane Wolfe said…
Now that is a smart idea! I'll pass the site along to my cousin, who owns two dogs.
Wonder if there's one for cats...?

L. Diane Wolfe
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the review, Mayra! You and Amigo look great!