Saturday, October 25, 2008

Review of The Tutu Ballet, by Sally O. Lee

Every Saturday in the forest, the mothers bring their children to MS. Berry's ballet class. Among the students are Belinda the Bear, Mirabel the Mouse, Harriet the Hare, and Fillipo the Fox. There's much reason for excitment, as Ms. Berry is planning a recital. However, not all is going according to plan during rehearsals. Belinda likes to kick too much, Harriet twirls uncontrollably, Fillippo loves to jump wildly, and Mirabel won't stop doing her plies. Will the recital be a success or a disaster?

The Tutu Ballet is a very cute picture book with lovely illustrations (my ten-year old loved them) done in pen and ink and pastel watercolors. Though the font is original and created by the author herself, I found it a bit hard to read at times, especially when it was set against a dark background on the first page of the story. I also felt that for a picture book, there were some superflous words and that the prose could have been edited better for tightness.

But all in all, this is an enjoyable picture book that I read with interest and that will delight little girls who are learning ballet. It is a story of love, patience, and team work, and the rewards we may get when we combine the three.

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Lindsay said...

You know, I think I am going to have to start a collection of children's books even though I don't have any kids. They always sound so good!