Sunday, March 30, 2008

Double Review: The Misadventures of Rooter & Snuffle and On the Go with Rooter & Snuffle, by Shari Lyle-Soffe

The Misadventures of Rooter & Snuffle
Written by Shari Lyle-Soffe
Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
Guardian Angel Publishing
Print ISBN: 978-1-933090-88-7
Ebook: 978-1-933090-43-6
Copyright 2007
Ebook and softcover, 24 pages

This is a delightful picture book sure to be loved by young children! Composed of three different stories and an activity section, The Misadventures of Rooter & Snuffle will keep kids entertain for a long time.

"Share, share, share! Why do I always have to share?" says Rooter, the oldest raccoon brother, in the book's first story, "Rooter's Rule". Rooter is supposed to share his acorns with Snuffle, his little brother. But why should he? It isn't fair... or is it?

In "Danger at River Bend", Rooter tries to teach Snuffle how to skip rocks in the riverbank... a dangerous place where they have a fright! If only they had listened to their mom!

In "The Search", Rooter scurries from the campsite in search of his favorite meal, butter beans and ham. In doing so, he loses sight of his little brother. Desperate, he forgets about food in order to look for Snuffle.

The stories are engaging and the artwork vivid and vibrant with bright colors. This is a great book to read to kids at bedtime, one that will not only teach valuable messages but also induce happy dreams. The activity section includes a word scramble, wordsearch, counting, and picture seek & find.

On the Go with Rooter & Snuffle
By Shari Lyle-Soffe
Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
Guardian Angel Publishing
Electronic ISBN: 1-933090-51-0
Print ISBN: 978-1-933090-51-1
Copyright 2007
Ebook and softcover, 24 pages

On the Go with Rooter & Snuffle is a delightful children’s picture ebook featuring the adventures of two very cute raccoon brothers. The book contains three short stories.

In “Why Our School Stinks,” Rooter’s little brother Snuffle has just started school. Rooter, who used to love school, now hates it. It isn’t fair that Snuffle is getting all the attention! But when Bully Bear starts bothering Snuffle, Rooter comes to the realization that love is more powerful than jealousy.
In “Follow a Star,” set on Christmas Day, the two raccoons venture into the winter forest to bring presents to Grandpa, promising their mother to come home before dark. However, once at Grandpa’s house, they forget about the time while listening to his stories. On their way back home they get lost in the dark woods. How will they find their way back? Could they maybe follow the star just like the shepherds did on the first Christmas?

In “Something is Fishy,” Rooter and Snuffle, all ready with backpacks and gear, go ice fishing for their mother’s birthday dinner. On the frozen pond they meet a friend, Fritter, who joins them in the fun. However, Fritter isn’t happy when the two raccoon brothers get lucky catching all the fish, so he decides to steal… and it’s up to Rooter and Snuffle to make him realize that with a little faith, there’s no need to steal at all.

These fun, heart-warming stories will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. This is a great book for early readers to read by themselves, or for parents to read to youngsters at bedtime. The illustrations are attractive and colorful and well represent the characters and settings in the story. My only complain is that I would have liked to see more of Scott Collier’s illustrations! This ebook (now also in paperback) is available in flip format, which gives the feeling of a real book as the pages are flipped over with only a touch from your keyboard or the click of a mouse. A fun, delightful way to introduce your young ones to the computer while stimulating their imaginations and improving their reading skills.

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