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My dog book, Crash, was recently reviewed by Here's what Kathy Davis had to say:

By Mayra Calvani
Recommended reading level ages 3-6
Reviewed by: Kathy Davis

Choosing a name for his new golden retriever is a big deal, so big it takes passing over names such as Hubble, Einstein, and Popcorn. 5-year-old Marcelo wants the perfect name for his dog and is willing to wait for inspiration and a clue from the dog as to what he should be called.

Meanwhile, while thinking of a name, Marcelo learns the basic essentials of dog care – walking, cleaning up after, and teaching him basic commands. But what to name him? Well sure enough, the dog reveals to Marcelo what his name should be during a game of toss the ball.

This paperback picture book (21 pages) might be a good pick if you are looking to buy a dog for your child and want a little insight into what's in store. It gives a little peak into the routine of dog ownership and helps with the ever-important task of name choosing. It's interesting to note the book's lively illustrations come from a 16-year girl and add a spark to the cute story.

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Lindsay said…
I agree. It would be a great book to give to a child if his or her family will be getting a dog soon.