Celebrate Ebook Week with Free Ebooks!

Read an Ebook Week was created by author Rita Toews as a way to inform the people about the advantages of ebooks.

To learn more about Rita, read this wonderful interview.

You may also visit the Read and Ebook Week website.

Read an Ebook Week is from March 8-14, 2009. During this week, lots of special deals and promotions are taking place on the web.

Two of my publishers, Zumaya Publications and Twilight Times Books, are offering free ebooks for the duration of the event.

"Books are books--ebooks are just more convenient than their print brethren," states Elizabeth Burton, Editor-in-Chief at Zumaya Publications. "If you have vision problems, if you can't leave the house without something to read, if you spend any amount of time waiting for something to happen, if you have arthritis in your hand that makes holding a book uncomfortable, if you like to read in bed but your partner doesn't appreciate the glare--these are all good reasons to consider ebooks. That there are some incredibly good writerwhose work you'll only be able to read digitally is just an added bonus."

Visit these publishers' websites and don't lose your chance of getting some free ebooks!