Review of 'Cinderella's Secret Slipper' by Alinka Rutkowska‏

Cinderella discusses with her husband what to give their son for his fourth birthday.  They decide on a party, then on what they will wear to that party. It is decided Cinderella will wear the glass slippers that started it all. 
But there is a problem, She has only one glass slipper.
She finds the missing slipper and that leads to another problem. Therein lies the tale of a frantic search for a solution.
This is a fun read, even for the grown-up with a child still living in their heart.  The little and big children who read the story will enjoy the fun quiz at the end of the story.  For this reader it was a test of a short term memory that does need testing at times.  I passed!
I’m very happy to recommend this story to anyone who read and enjoyed the old fairy tales and will welcome a new generation of the same type of story.  I often wondered how Cinderella’s Happy-Ever-After worked out.  Now I have the answer.
I know the young reader of any age will like this tale and enjoy it as much as I did.  I can recommend it for the pleasure it brings to the world of reading and learning to read. Enjoy. I sure did.
Reviewed by author and reviewer Anne K. Edwards

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I love these new twists on the old fairytales. This one sounds like a charmer.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much! :)