Book Review: HUMBUG WITCH, by Lorna Balian

HUMBUG WITCH by Lorna Balian
ISBN 978-1-932065-32-9
32 pages, 6 1/2"x8 1/8", ages 4-8
Hardback, $12.95
Paperback available
This title is available in: English Spanish
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What can a little witch do when her witchy spells and potions don't turn out right? She just keeps on trying... until it's time for bed.

My thoughts:

This is an ADORABLY CUTE picture book! It kept a smile on my face all the way to the very satisfying, surprising ending. A pity my daughter is already a teenager. I know she would have loved it and asked me to read it to her again and again if she were younger.

Our little witch has everything a horrible, witchy witch should have, from her pointed black hat to her long stringy hair to her ugly black shoes with gold buckles, and more. But the problem is, no matter how hard she tries, she can't get her magic to work. She can't make her broom move an inch; she can't turn her car Fred into an alligator; she can't even make her magic potion to explode. What else is there to do? Well, she starts taking off all her witchy items one by one, until it's time for bed and we realize our witch isn't really a real witch but a little girl who's been playing all along.

Young children 4 to 8 will surely love this story that teaches simple vocabulary and sequencing. They will also have fun identifying the various 'witchy' objects on the page. With Halloween just around the corner, this is the perfect picture book to give to your child as a holiday gift. The illustrations are cute and whimsical and full of Halloween colors. Highly recommended.

Disclaimer: I was provided this review copy by the publisher via This is my honest opinion and I didn't receive any financial compensation. 


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a fun book to read. Cute cover.