Meet Nicole Weaver, author of trilingual (English, French and Spanish) books for children

Nicole Weaver  speaks four languages fluently: English, Creole, French and Spanish.  She teaches high school French and Spanish. She is the author of three trilingual books: Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle (2009), My Sister Is My Best Friend (November 2011), and My Brother Is My Best Friend (currently under contract).

Her book of short stories titled, My Birthday Is September Eleven and Other Short Stories was an Amazon bestseller top 100 for three weeks. For more information about Nicole please visit her sites: My Sister Is My Best Friend, My Birthday Is September Eleven, and Marie and her Friend the Sea Turtle.

Thanks for this interview, Nicole. Tell us, did you always want to be a writer?

No, I did want to be a writer.  I had my heart set on being a translator and interpreter for the United Nations. I grew to like languages after learning English as a third language and later learning Spanish.  I ended up taking Spanish my final year of high school because I wanted to drop a physics class.  My guidance counselor gave me two choices: Stay in physics or replace it with another class. Well, lucky for me, the only class offered during physics was Spanish two honors.  Even though I had never studied Spanish before, I took a gamble and switched to Spanish. Thus, began my true love affair with learning languages. Twenty-five years later, that decision has served me well.  As a polyglot, I teach high school French and Spanish.  Now, I have branched out by writing trilingual children books.

Congratulations on the release of your latest picture book, My Sister Is My Best Friend. What was your inspiration for it? 

My newly published book: My Sister Is My Is My Best Friend is a trilingual story about two twin sisters who do everything together.  I got inspired to write the story after meeting my half-sister Rachelle in 2008 for the first time.

I was very happy to have met her and sad that we did not grow up together.  Since I have a vivid imagination, I began daydreaming about what it would have been liked to grow up with Rachelle.  I had a blast writing the book because it helped me sort through some emotional situations.  I do believe writing is great therapy for the soul. 

Tell us about your children's books. 

I have written three trilingual children’s picture book. My first book titled: Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle, My Sister Is My Best Friend, and a third book currently under contract with Guardian Angel Publishing titled My Brother Is My Best Friend.

M y first book is about Marie, a Haitian little girl who lives near the beach.  The story tells the struggles Marie had as she helped the sea turtle back out to sea.

My Brother Is My Best Friend is similar to my newly released book My Sister Is My Best Friend.  The book is about two twin brothers, who do everything together.

I have also written and published a book of short stories for middle school students titled: My Birthday Is September Eleven and Other Short Stories.

I am happy to announce that the book stayed on Amazon top 100 best-selling books for three weeks.  The ebook version remained on the top bestselling list the weekend of nine eleven.  Here is a review of the book: As a licensed psychologist with a specialty in children, parents often ask me to direct them to a book that they can read with their children. I have no problem sending parents to My Birthday is September Eleven and Other Short Stories. In this book, you will find stories about children with real-life struggles and how they find ways to cope with those problems. These stories present opportunities for parents and children to talk about what is happening in their own lives and possible solutions, while strengthening parent-child communication.

Some writers go on long walks; others keep a journal, write at a café, or listen to music. What do you do for inspiration and unleashing your creativity?

I do a variety of things.  I listen to French and Spanish music.  I like listening to Edith Piaf, Mirielle Mathieu, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel and Georges Moustaki.

My favorite Spanish singer is Julio Iglesias; I listen to him a lot. I also love classical music. Every so often, I do not mind listening to Italian operas.

Listening to the different genre of music evoke certain emotions that help bring my creativity to the surface.
Other times, I go to the library and read a zillion books.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on a book for teens titled: Beauty and Other Traps.

I hope to publish it by December 1st in time for the holidays. Here is the synopsis:

Meet Marie, a high school senior trapped in her mother’s web. She’s facing troubling changes. You will relate to her as Marie deals with her mother, step-dad, peers, and the prospect of graduating high school. Does hope lie ahead? Join her and find out. 

I am also working on a chapter book titled: There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Smart.

The book is historical fiction based on the struggles of African American back in the 1960’s.

Where are your books available? 

Link to purchase My Sister Is My Best Friend:
Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle:
My Birthday Is September Eleven and Other Short Stories:

For more information about Nicole, you can visit her sites:

Mayra, thank you so much for interviewing me.

Thank you, Nicole! Best of luck with your books! 


This was a great interview, Mayra. Nicole's books all sound wonderful for children.