Children's Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Instilling Good Behavior through Actions and Stories - September 2011 Issue


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Children's Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Instilling Good Behavior through
Actions and Stories - September 2011 Issue

Teaching our children good behavior habits is often more effective through
example rather than preaching to them, for actions are louder than words. By
praising children for good behavior, it often leads to higher self-esteem
resulting in a positive outlook on their life and their surroundings.

Engage your children with everything "good behavior" in the September issue
of Guardian Angel Kids Ezine through poetry, stories, activities, a quiz,
and articles at <> We also invite you to stay connected
with Guardian Angel Kids through our Facebook Fan Page

Letter from the POETRY editor: Donna J. Shepherd

Featured Books:

A Pocketful of Manners by Marilee Crow and illustrated by K.C. Snider

Monster Maddie by Susan Stephenson and illustrated by K.C. Snider

Children'S poetry, SHORT STORIES, and articleS:

"Extra Tall," by Tracy Helixon - the tower of blocks tempts little hands.

"Your Turn, My Turn," by Claudia Ann Sodaro - counting time through behavior

"The Lost Penlight," by Evelyn Horan and illustrated by Julie Hammond - the
importance of thinking through before accusing someone of a misdeed.

"Do You Always Share?" by Suzanne Purvis and illustrated by Rosemarie Gillen
- explores unselfish behavior towards new and old friends.

"Note-Worthy Behavior," by Kelly Bakshi - offers a creative and fun way to
involve others in recognizing a child's positive behavior.

"Three Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference," by Dorit Sasson -
the return of September brings school and parent-teacher conferences. Sasson
offers up essential tips in making the next parent-teacher conference a

Featured Drawing, Games & Activities:

Draw yourself being good with Painting Board - PAINT page

Featured Games from Books - GAME page

Please feel free to drop Editor-in-Chief, Donna McDine an email at> and let them know what you think of
Guardian Angel Kids and what you'd like to see in the future. They aim to

We look forward to your visit. Thank you for your time and interest.



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