THRIFTY BOOK BUYS: e-Books are GREEN - They Save Trees!

Mayra Calvani
wants you to know:

The word is out. . . Children's e-Books, on CD or Download, Are the Bargain of the Year!

Cheaper than paper, they are the epitome of "GREEN.
"These are QUALITY BOOKS - fun, inspirational and educational.

BUY a "green" CD and save a tree. Do your bit to save the planet!


Kids Are Computer Savvy!

ADD to a LAPTOP or PC and Books on CD can distract kids before a doctor or dentist appointment, on rainy Sundays, holidays. . . , or in the back seat on long car trips.


Children's BOOKS

The Magic Violin




Mayra Calvani



Find a wide range of wonderful children's books, by authors who care about children.On Download, CD, and . . . . . Hard Copy!



Anonymous said…
I still like to read actual books, but kids especially love e-books! I also used to read e-books when I was bored at work and wanted to look busy.
Mayra Calvani said…
Thanks for sharing this, Lindsay! I hope your boss doesn't read it! LOL