Review of My Doggie Says, by Fred M. Haney

Are you tuned with your dog? Enough to understand the signals and messages it sends you everyday? How well do you communicate with your canine companion?

In My Doggie Says, the author pays a tribute to his beloved dog, Jamie, a golden retriever who never stops sending him messages with his eyes, expressions, barks, and physical behavior.

Of course, all dogs sends us messages and 'talk' to us, but not all dog owners are tuned enough to their dogs to perceive or understand these messages.

The author took photographs of Jamie in different situations, capturing Jamie's body language during four years, then he set to the task of writing about them, the result which is this book.

Writen with humor and warmth, this is an award-winning book that will be enjoyed by all dog lovers, especially owners of golden retrievers. It might even help you build a warmer, closer relationship with your doggie and inspire you to become a better 'listener'.

Note: My Doggie Says is an Indie Excellence Award Winner (pet books category).

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Anonymous said…
Sounds great. I'd like to read this one. Especially because I love golden retrievers.