Book Review: Rainbow Sheep, by Kim Chatel

Rainbow Sheep is an original, sweet story about a little shepherdess called Genevieve and her flock of sheep.
Genevieve is troubled because it has rained so much lately that the sky is always grey. When she tries to get the attention of the rainbow, she sees that its colors have faded and that it is sad. It has lost its will to live and love, its passion for beauty and life. Only by regaining hapiness will the rainbow shine again in all its glory. But how will Geneive bring joy back into the rainbow's life? You'll have to read the story to find out, and also to find out how the little sheep end up being as brightly colored as the rainbow.

I found this to be an usual story with surrealist elements. Chatel's language is lyrical at times, blending beautifully with the soft fantasy elements of the tale. The story also has the tone and cadence of a legend. Another aspect I found most original is that instead of illustrations, Chatel uses sculpted wool to create the artwork. This technique is known as needle felting.

I found myself engaged all through the book not only with the story, but also with the interesting wool figures. The colorful little sheep will be loved by children and the underwater scenes are especially bright and lovely.

Rainbow Sheep is a great way to introduce kids to this new craft. At the end of the book, you'll find descriptions, demostrations, and a glossary on needle felting. This is a children's picture book that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike, and one that will make a valuable addition to any library or school bookshelf.
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Product Info:
Rainbow Sheep
by Kim Chatel
Illustrated by Kim Chatel
Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc
ISBN-10: 1933090847
ISBN-13: 978-1933090849
Copyright April 2008
Picture Book, fantasy fiction/arts & crafts nonfiction
Paperback: 24
Retail Price $10.95
Reading age: 4 (read to by adult) to 10 (read alone)