Reviews of GIFTS FROM GOD and KITTY KERPLUNKING, by Cynthia Reeg

Beautiful and spiritually inspiring, Gifts from God is a tribute to God and all the things that are pure in our lives--the innocence and laughter of our children, the tenderness of a newborn, the magnificence of a sunset, the 'laughter' of a waterfall. With a few simple lines, some taken from the Bible, some from her imagination, author Cynthia Reeg has created a lovely book for the entire family, one to be read not only at bedtime, but at any hour of the day. The photographs and imagery are, in one word, captivating. This is a must children's book for your Christian fiction bookshelf.

Gifts from God
By Cynthia Reeg
Illustrations by Mary Sue Roberts
eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-933090-34-4
Print ISBN: 978-1-933090-33-7
Copyright 2007
Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

In Kitty Kerplunking: Preposition Fun, Reeg teaches children, in a light and fun way, the uses of prepositions. How does she do this? With the help of one very cute Kitty and his antics about the house.

Each page features an engaging, colorful illustration and a sentence showing a preposition.

For instance...

"Preppy the kitty … pitter-pattered ON the piano keys."

Each time the preposition in the sentence is capitalized. At the end of the book there's a useful study guide as well as six pages of activities, including a criss-cross puzzle, word search, seek & find, and fill-in-the-blanks. This is the perfect book to introduce young children to prepositions.

Kitty Kerplunking:
Preposition Fun
by Cynthia Reeg
Illustrations by Marina Movshina
ISBN: 1-933090-27-8
January 2006
Guardian Angel Publishing

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